Finally, a simple comprehensive approach to Reduce Strain to joints and muscles and Improve Your Life

Solve the deeper reasons preventing you from moving better and with less muscle or joint strain
 No tricks. 
 No weird devices.
 Just simple common sense.
It’s time for real answers to real problems by a physical
therapist with 20+ years of fixing chronic muscle stress.
Achieve the life you deserve


Being in control of your life.

Returning to the activities you love.

Reducing strain-producing habits.


Wasting money on temporary fixes.

Unnecessary Shots, surgeries, and medications to control your muscle tension.

Sleepless nights from tossing and turning.

Rick Olderman’s system is the only approach in the world to:
  • Fix habits causing strain to your muscles and joints
  • Correct muscle length and weakness to reinforce healthier habits
  • Use unique taping techniques developed by Rick to support your body until you have better control
  • Teach neurological techniques to eliminate muscle tension
  • Offer techniques your health practitioner can use to eliminate muscle or joint strain.
Your body’s natural state is to be stress free. Stree is an indication something is wrong.

Does your finger heal when you cut it?
Does your bone knit when it’s broken?

If so then you’ve experienced your body's innate ability to heal. Stress means you’re doing something to prevent that.

Learn what those problems are and how to fix them.

I’ve helped tens of thousands of people across the globe. The one thing that still surprises me is how little effort it takes to turn things around.
One of the biggest obstacles to feeling relief is getting over the doubt most people have that there is something new and revolutionary that can help them. They’ve fallen for too many empty promises.

But these people did it and you will too…

"My face pain is gone. I am on a program that is great for improving my life."

Vicky Hardy

"I feel extremely thankful for his therapy and genuine concern for my well being. I know if I had not come to see him, I would still be dealing with significant pain."

David Moller

"After work with Rick, my back pain has resolved and I’m gaining strength in my legs."

Rebecca Fowler

"It has been a huge gift to learn more about my body and to be self-aware. I’m grateful for your work and desire to help!

Jeff Tayler

"I am really happy now. I am going back to boxing at the gym. Thank you very much."

Yutaka Ando

"I (her mother) am so proud of her and so happy with the guidance Rick gave her to get to this point. Torri is back at all her typical activities all thanks to Rick’s hard work and Torri’s determination.
Thank you!"

Michelle Reddick
My name is Rick Olderman

In spite of all my credentials and years in healthcare, I’ve had chronic pain too. I won’t try to fool you into thinking I never have pain—that’s not realistic. After all I’m human and I use my body to move and exercise.

But if I do have pain, I know exactly why. And I know exactly what to do about it. You will too and I guarantee it’ll be easier than you think—even if you’ve been struggling for years.

What Can You Expect?
Which Program Would You Like?
Back, Hip, Knee, Foot




Foot & Ankle

Each program will have 2 videos lasting about 30 minutes each.*

Here's what you'll receive


* Except the foot stress download which is one video.

2 videos per Program! 

Video 1
Tension Reduction—this focuses on the exercises, taping techniques and habits that will help you move easier and with less muscle tension. Once you’re about 75% better then you move to Video 2: Restoration

Video 2
Restoration-this focuses on strengthening to move beyond the simple tension-reduction exercises found in Video 1. Here you’ll build your body back up to resume an exercise program, return to work, or simply clean the house without stress

What Are the Benefits?

Benefit #1

Supple Muscles

Muscle tension is a big driver of stress and discomfort.

Discover how to reduce muscle and joint tension by getting the right muscles to work for you at the right time.

Benefit #2

Save time and money.

Tired of your daily or weekly visits to your provider?

Save your money and time by fixing the actual causes of your muscle and joint tension rather than just feeling good for a few days.

Benefit #3

Restore Alignment

Your body is designed to maintain proper alignment all by itself. Overly tight or weak muscles are what pull it out of alignment. Poor habits are what make muscles tight or weak. Discover how to break your reliance on others to fix your muscle tension.

Benefit #4

Learn to Relax

Stress causes muscle tension and muscle tension causes stress.

Your mind and body are linked, feeding each other. Begin to feed them both to relax and reduce your stress.

Benefit #5

Exercise Again!

When you don’t understand why you’re having strained muscles and joints, you become fearful of exercise. But once you know the secrets to proper movement, you’ll be able to exercise again without fear of setbacks. This program will teach you how.

Benefit #6

Re-discover joy in your life

It’s no secret that increased stress means decreased joy. Re-discover joy in your life by eliminating your muscle and joint strain.

Here's What You'll get...

Simple Solutions

Each program has been honed by years of trial and error in Rick’s sports and orthopedic clinic. Rick will guide you through his ingenious simple exercises, with a specific sequence to obtain the maximum benefit and ensure you’re getting them right. There are no “fillers” wasting time and effort like most plans. Your program is streamlined to fix your specific problem. 

Fix Key Bad Habits

Bad habits work against you by straining muscles, ligaments and joints. But the flip side is that good habits can just as easily work for you to reverse damage. Discover how to fix the most common bad habits causing your muscle or joint strain.

Tape it Up!

Taping is a powerful intervention—just ask any Olympian or professional athlete. You’ll learn Rick’s taping secrets to unload joints and muscles. These are found no-where else and were developed by Rick through years of research and experimentation. Once your habits and weaknesses are fixed, gradually wean yourself from taping.

Hands-on Help

We all need a little hands-on help sometimes. But since Rick can’t be there to help you, he’s included treatment gems to guide your favorite practitioner. These secrets help Rick’s patients feel better and recover faster. Just bring the video to your practitioner to help them help you.

Testing 1, 2, 3…

How many programs do you know of where you’re expected to feel better immediately? Rick asks you to test your muscle stress at the beginning and end of every session and rate how much better you feel. This helps you see your progress and stay motivated!

No Hacking Zone

Everyone’s looking for a short cut, trick, device, hack or quick fix for their stress. But these rarely lead to permanent relief and almost always lead to disappointment—not to mention a bigger hole in your wallet. Rick’s program is based on 20+ years of hands-on research with thousands of patients. His unique approach is used in his clinic by all his therapists with amazing results every day. 

Here’s What People Are Saying…

"I have been PAIN MEDICATION FREE for weeks now. My pain is under control. I do my exercise every day and plan on continuing it forever!
Rick has given my life back. Thank you so very much Rick!! From the bottom of my heart."


"When I hobbled through the door, I had been unable to walk upright or sleep without pain for weeks. Learning how to move properly, without harming myself from laziness was a challenge but worth it!"

Lisa Barret

"PT not only got rid of both the soreness and ankle pain but also has generally helped my hiking—doing more miles no than I was before my initial injury and with no pain!"

Brennan Gibbons

"Your innovative therapy was surprisingly effective to treat acutely the common problems related to bad posture and musculoskeletal pain. I hope your novel techniques can be spread to others in your area so they can also learn how to apply them to their patients."

Fernando J. Kim, MD, FACS
Chief of Urology, DHMC

"I saw Rick  and after the first appointment I felt so much better. I slowly recovered, doing the exercises Rick gave me. He not only helped me heal from my injury but addressed old patterns in my posture and walking that caused the injury."

Holly Horner

"He has an amazing ability to determine how your biomechanics and movement patterns cause pain and above all, knows how to give simple directions to fix the issue. It amazes me that I have used hundreds of yoga and pilates videos that constantly tell you what to do with your stomach and shoulders, but it turns out none of those directions were right, or useful for me.."


"Well, I must admit that I was skeptical at first. My pain is definitely ITB syndrome and your videos did not address that specifically. But I persevered with the easy exercises and, once again, you are the genius! I slept last night with minimal pain. Thank you so very much. I will continue to walk the walk, study the exercises and do them as well as I can (at age 72 years).

I think your techniques are life-changing. When I first found your books on Amazon, I had been to doctors, physical therapists, physiatrists, chiropractors, etc. with no results. It seems they just don't know what they are doing. And I was spending hundreds of dollars! My back pain went away very quickly once I studied your techniques and it's been gone ever since."


What would you do with less muscle and joint strain and aches?

  Travel more
  Play with grandkids
  Go back to work
  Take up a new or old hobby
  Exercise again to lose weight and feel stronger
  Become more independent
  Save money from unnecessary appointments or gimmicks
  Ease depression
  Avoid surgery
  Spend time doing something other than thinking about stress
Don’t Be Fooled!

Many programs claim their magic stretch or exercise will fix your stress and muscle tension. While that may happen with a few people, it’s not the case for most people.

Rick’s program approaches your problems from several different directions—stretching, strengthening, habit correction, taping and practitioner help. All of these are based on a deep understanding of anatomy, biomechanics and pathomechanics honed by 20+ years of experience. So it will help just about everyone, giving you long-term results.

Rick’s years of clinical experience have taught him to be thorough while not wasting time. His program takes less time than a yoga class but will have a dramatic impact on your life.

Find The Relief You Are Yearning For

Fixing You® Method

Detailed, follow-along exercises to precisely target your problem areas.
Fixing You 2-Phase program to eliminate your muscle tension and return you to the activities you desire.

Feel the benefit after your first session!

Stretch tight key muscles involved with muscle and joint strain
Strengthen little known weak muscles to support your alignment
Fix hidden habits contributing to your stress
Instant relief for wherever your strain is.
Amazing taping techniques to support joints and muscles which allow them to work better and heal.
Modifications to help you work at the level you’re comfortable with.
Treatment gems you can bring to your practitioner if you need extra help.

In addition to your program, you’ll
get these bonus downloads!

Everything you need to improve your 
muscle tension and return to the life you want.

Free Bonus


A $50 VALUE!

These soothing lessons are simple to follow along.
Each lesson lasts 30-45 minutes.
Release tension throughout your body
Unlock your tight muscles with creative movement.

Each lesson addresses a different aspect of movement:

Somatics for the neck

Somatics for breathing

Somatics for the back of the spine

Somatics for the front of the spine

Somatics for rotation of the spine

Somatics for the waist muscles

Somatics for the hips

Somatics for walking

This special bonus is 100% free when you order today.
So choose your program and claim your bonus now.
Just in case you’re wondering…
I want you to be completely happy with my program or I will insist that we give you your money back. And you can keep the program and bonus just in case it helps you in the future!
I created this program because I have one belief…
Just about anyone can fix their muscle and joint strain if they are motivated to help themselves and have the right information.

I think I’ve covered the “right information” part of that.
Now the rest is up to you.
But don’t worry, I’ll be doing the exercises, taping and habit corrections with you. I’ve helped thousands of people and I’ll help you too.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I’ll keep my promise to you of a FULL 60 days to test this program for yourself. I expect your life to change for the better as a result of my program.

I believe so strongly in my approach, I’m willing to risk the full cost of producing these videos and audio lessons for you to try them. I wouldn’t have gone to these lengths if I didn’t believe you’ll not only be satisfied but thrilled to have your life back and finally find the answers you’ve been seeking.

No hassle. No waiting.

You’ll get a full refund if you’re not completely happy- no questions asked.

Download Your Program Now!
You’ll Be So Happy You Did!

Receive Instant Access to Download on Any of Your Devices
2-Level Videos
(Tension Reduction, Level 2: Restoration)
8 Somatics Movement Lessons ($50 value!)

Digital Download

Item Price

Physical Products
Plus Digital Download

Item Price
Item amount
Dynamically Updated $XX.00

$99.95 $37

Frequently Asked Questions

  What if I’m not in good shape?

Don’t worry just like in my clinic, I’ve modified key exercises for different bodies. I’ve created different levels or modifications so just about anyone can follow along. This is not a strenuous program, instead it’s a method to first reduce strain to your muscles and joints. Once reduced the second video will help you become stronger, but even this video is not strenuous. You can do it!
  Can older people do this?

Absolutely! I’ve created the different levels and modifications to specifically allow older people to benefit. We help older patients in the clinic all the time so I understand what modifications are necessary for you to get started.
  Will this take a lot of my time?

I’m a father and husband of a family of four with my own clinic to run so I know what it means not to have personal time. I’ve given a lot of thought and consideration to each exercise to make sure you’re getting the most out of it. That way I can keep your program streamlined. The exercise portion of this program will take 20-30 minutes. I recommend doing the program in the morning before your day begins. I think you’ll get even faster result if you can fit in a second session before you go to bed but that’s up to you.

The habits part of this program takes no additional time out of your day. You’ll learn which habits are likely contributing to your muscle tension and strain and you’ll correct them throughout the day. This is perhaps the most powerful aspect of my program.
  What if it doesn’t help?

I think this is unlikely because of my decades of experience treating injuries from head to toe and the success of my books, but as I mentioned before I will refund 100% of your payment for a full 60 days after your purchase. I don’t want your money if I can’t help you.

In my experience, people with chronic stress and muscle tension have spent so much money chasing empty promises, I don’t want to be another disappointment in your life. There will be no hassles, no questions asked if you ask for a refund.
  Why should your program work where others have failed?

This is a great question and without going into tedious detail in most cases, traditional treatment methods do not have the depth of understanding about how different parts of the body affect each other to create or fix stress/muscle tension. Because of this, most treatments focus only on a small part of the body nearest your pain. But the connections in our bodies range farther than that. It’s taken me years to figure all this out and develop a treatment approach to fix these issues. But you likely will not permanently fix a problem if you don’t fix your movement habits that are stressing your body. That’s what I do differently and that’s why my approach is so successful. No-one else has made these connections as deeply as I have. This is the only program of its kind.
  Are my credit and other information safe?

Absolutely. I get just as nervous as you when I purchase something online from a new site. That’s why I’ve taken pains to make sure we’re using a 100% secure payment form. Your credit card and personal information are electronically processed without compromise. Clickbank is a Top 100 global retailer, accredited by the Better Business Bureau and trusted by over 200 million customers in more than 190 countries.
  Who is ClickBank?

Clickbank is a global platform where product creators can share their information with millions of customers on a 100% secure network. Only after being approved through a strict authorization process and showing evidence on all written claims can a product creator sell their program using this platform. Clickbank’s rigorous approval process ensures only high quality products and valid information is given to all customers.
  Will I be billed multiple times?

Absolutely not. This is a one-time secure payment and you’ll be an owner of the program forever. Nothing irritates me more than when I find someone has billed me repeatedly when I was unaware. Again I’ve made sure this will not happen. You pay once and you’re done.

One more thing…

I know you have an abundance of doubt and caution. I’m not the first person or product you’ve tried to solve your body’s aches and strains. You are not unlike most people who come into my clinic who’ve been around the medical block. But I’ve devoted my career, more than 20 years, to understanding why muscle tension happens and how to solve it.

I’m a physical therapist, and have taken my career very seriously, to the point where I’ve had many sleepless nights worried for my patients. You are about to purchase a culmination of my 20+ years of experience and insight—not just another program.

I’m staking my reputation on my ability to help you and I believe with 100% confidence that if you follow my recommendations you’ll not only fix your muscle or joint aches or strains, but you’ll feel in control of your life again because you’ll understand exactly why you’re having muscle or joint problems and know exactly what you need to do to avoid them in the future.

I wish you great success!

Download Your Program Now!
You’ll Be So Happy You Did!

Receive Instant Access to Download on Any of Your Devices
2-Level Videos
(Tension Reduction, Level 2: Restoration)
8 Somatics Movement Lessons ($50 value!)

Digital Download

Item Price

Physical Products
Plus Digital Download

Item Price
Item amount
Dynamically Updated $XX.00

$99.95 $37

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